Writing is your passion? You love culture? You want to make this world a little better than it is? We welcome likeminded people to join us at One of a Mind and become contributors for one or more of our different categories.


General Guidelines

We want you to be passionate about what you write and are therefore welcoming a variety of different topics in a variety of different styles. There are just a few guidelines we ask you to follow:

❤ One of a Mind is personal and transparent: We want that to be reflected in your style of writing too.

❤ We accept articles that have between 350 and 700 words.

❤ By submitting an article you confirm that the article is unique and has not been (and will not be) published anywhere else – if not agreed otherwise.

❤ Only submit an article if you can also submit at least three suitable, high-quality photos.

❤ Every article should be structured into at least three sub-headings.

❤ Remember we are a cultural blogzine, which means your article needs to relate to one or more of our cultures: Morocco, India, Ecuador, Chile, Kenya, Tanzania or Romania.

❤ Be nice and be positive! Help to inspire our readers and to spread love.

❤ By submitting content to One of a Mind you give us permission to use, copy, adapt, edit, translate, share, distribute and transmit or otherwise communicate, display and publish such content.

❤ Sorry, we do not accept guest posts by marketing agencies or the like.


Categories you can contribute to

Beauty Around the World: natural beauty insights and tips

Touching Places: personal travel stories, travel advice, must-do lists, and more…

Scenting Flavours: food or drink recipes

Catching Sounds & Art: local music and mixtapes from our network

Behind the Seams: fashion and crafts insights


Please contact oneofamind@abury.net to get in touch and submit your article.

Let’s create one of a kind stories with an “of one mind” attitude!