Coffee Circle: Where Coffee Comes From The Heart

I don’t know what it’s like for you, but for me, a good morning and a good coffee are inseparable. Usually, I stumble into the kitchen, eyes barely open, and make my way to my little Italian coffee machine.

girl drinking coffee out of red coffee cup

Coffee Making – The Morning Ritual

Coffee Making is a ritual. The scent of it, the noise the little machine makes on the stove to tell me the coffee is ready for me, the warm feeling in my hands holding the cup of coffee, and the first sips. This lets the hearts of all the coffee lovers in the world beat faster. Well, literally – since of course it’s the caffeine that helps us start our day better. But in a time, where you can get coffee at every supermarket, bakery, café – often within a minute – we shouldn’t forget the history and the long way the coffee bean had until it landed as a delicious beverage in our cup.

coffee circle coffee beans from ethiopia

Coffee is not just coffee. What distinguishes normal coffee from fair trade coffee? What are the steps a coffee bean takes from the coffee farm to coffee roasting to your home? And why should we all drink sustainable and ethical coffee?

The Coffee Bean’s Way To You

One of the companies who tell the story of the coffee they are selling, is the Berlin Start Up Coffee Circle. It produces fair trade coffee in Colombia, Ethiopia and Kenya. Fair trade means to not exploit neither nature nor workers, to take care of the environment and try to make everyone happy along the supply chain so you can create the most sustainable product possible together.

Coffee Circle founder Martin with Ethiopian farmers

Coffee Circle knows the people working at the coffee farms very well, the Berlin-based company visits the fair trade farmers they cooperate with at least once a year to guarantee highest quality and fair prices. This means, every cup of fair trade coffee supports the people working on the coffee farms and their families. Additionally, Coffee Circle reinvests one euro per sold kilogram coffee into social projects, mostly along their supply chain.

Social Project supported by Coffee Circle

Once the coffee beans have made their way to Germany, the coffee roasters come into play. Drum-roasted here in Berlin, every coffee blend has its own special roast profile created by Coffee Circle’s special roast masters that underlines the fair trade coffee’s natural aroma.

Drum-roasting of fair trade coffee by Coffee Cirlce in Berlin

Drum-roasting of fair trade coffee by Coffee Cirlce in Berlin

Fair Trade Has Never Been Easier

So, for all the coffee lovers out there or those who know someone who loves coffee: It is so easy to do good while having your fair trade coffee! You help to maintain the high quality of the coffee and support the fair trade farmers. Coffee Circle makes sure everything goes the right way, so all you have to worry about is drinking your coffee. You probably already know about the environmental consequences of to-go-cups, so let’s keep coffee making and the coffee itself a ritual. Indulging in it with calmness, care, happiness and a good conscience is the best way to have your fair trade coffee. Thanks to companies such as Coffee Circle, this is easier than ever.

Fair trade coffee by Coffee Circle coffee making


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Nina Pfuderer

Nina Pfuderer

With a Swiss mother and a German father, Nina has always been interested in different cultures and languages, especially after living and working in Spain for one year. Three years ago, Nina moved to Berlin and started studying anthropology and linguistics. Now she is a working student for ABURY in Marketing and Communication.

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