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Eszter Rabin, the founder of Sidai Designs, is a graphic designer by trade, who spent nearly 15 years in advertising and later ran her own artisan business. Since 2009, she has worked with artisan groups all over the world, providing strategies and tools for branding, product and business development.

Over 20 years of experience providing design and branding solutions, supporting and executing the overall concept development throughout the production cycle. A persuasive communicator and team leader while managing multiple projects and leading client presentations, with an extensive portfolio of results-driven communications.

Eszter Rabin, start by tagging yourself with three words.

Tenacious, adventurous, empathetic

We believe that “hands tell stories“. What do your hands tell about you?

Loves to work with her hands.

What is the last thing you created with your hands?

An animal bunting for my nephew’s room, from all kinds of animal cutouts.

If you could choose, what would you like to be able to do with your hands?

Paint. I would love to paint what I see around me, plants, people, animals.

Looking back on everything you’ve done in your life – What is the one thing you are proudest of?

I’m very proud of sticking to Tanzania and working with the Maasai despite of all the challenges it posed.

“One of a mind” underlines our strong belief in equality and the value of sharing. How does intercultural exchange benefit our global society in your eyes?

We can strive to know everything, but it’s impossible. We all have our own strenghts and experiences and by sharing them we allow others not to have to start from ground zero. When we give that advantage to others, they can achieve so much more so much quicker which in turn will benefit their communities.

You are the founder of Sidai Designs, a brand producing in Tanzania. How did your fascination with Africa start and how did you first get in touch with the Maasai culture?

I traveled to Tanzania as a tourist and visited a Maasai village by chance 7 years ago. And was fascinated and when I returned the following year to climb Kilimanjaro, I made a point of spending more time with the Maasai after the climb. I traveled to the Ngorongoro region where they live in large numbers and my fascination grew even stronger. I haven’t stopped learning about their culture ever since.

Maasai women at the market hand-beading Warrior Bracelets

What differentiates Tanzania from other countries, what makes it unique?

To me what makes Tanzania unique is that it’s 120 tribes living in peace and unity without any violence. Different religions coexist in peace. It may be one of the poorest countries in the world, yet it’s a warm, peaceful and welcoming culture.

Talking about other senses – how would you describe the “Tastes of Tanzania” and what is your favourite?

I think for me it’s more the sounds of Tanzania. There are always hundreds of birds chirping, frogs barking, muezzins singing, music playing – there is never a quiet moment.

If the Sidai Designs products could talk, what would they say to the person wearing them?

You are wearing a piece that embraces the proud traditions of a Maasai warrior.

We are delighted to add some of the Sidai Designs products to our selection. Which of these pieces is your favourite in why?

I love our leather collection, it’s absolutely timeless.


© All photos via Eszter Rabin

Lara Petersen

Lara Petersen

After her studies abroad and exploring the world for many years, Lara returned to Berlin in 2015 and ever since combines her passions cultures, communication and writing by working as part of the ABURY family. Lara is the editor-in-chief and admin of the One of a Mind blogzine by ABURY.

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