Unparalleled Confidence – Rhea Gupte

Words of Wonder By Rhea Gupte

I think the taste of India
in terms of aesthetics is all embracing.
People aren’t scared of bold colours,
prints, mixing and matching.
In fact they have the ability to carry it
with an unparalleled confidence.

Rhea Gupte

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Rhea Gupte is an extraordinary creative director of the online website FUSS. Based in Goa, India, she is growing her practise in the field of mixed media art, combining photography with digital manipulation and collage creation. She also works as a creative consultant and content creator in the fashion and lifestyle segment with selected brands on a long term basis.

We have spoken with Rhea exclusively. Here you can read her interview.


Rhea Gupte

Rhea Gupte

Rhea Gupte is a photographer, artist, creative director, consultant, stylist and writer. She runs a website called FUSS as an extension to her portfolio, reflecting her interest in fashion, travel, art and creative projects.

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