Indian Saffron Yoghurt Pots (Shrikhand)

Saffron Yoghurt

Author, Journalist and Blogger Mira Manek says cooking healthy Indian food is easier than people think: it’s just a matter of eliminating some ingredients and substituting healthy alternatives for others. Saffron Yoghurt is one example.

Indian food normally contains a lot of vegetables and healthy spices, but to make her recipes even healthier Mira cuts out the sugar and substitutes oil and ghee for coconut oil. She uses coconut sugar and jaggery, a natural sweetener from the palm of the date tree, instead of refined sugar. Being both healthy and tasty, Mira’s foods are becoming popular at some of London’s best eateries. Raw Press in Mayfair carries her deliciously healthy cinnamon and ginger-fired Spice Bites, for example, and Mira says her product range will soon expand to include Mira’s Spiced Chia Pots, Chai Spice Tea Mix and more.

I asked Mira to share some of her favourite recipes. This is one of them:

Saffron Yoghurt Pots (Shrikhand) has always been one of my favourite sweet dishes; a thick creamy yoghurt with sugar, saffron and cardamom, often topped with pomegranate and a mix of sliced nuts. Even though you can now easily buy Greek yoghurt, my grandmother still makes shrikhand by tying homemade yoghurt in a muslin cloth and allowing the water to drain for hours. And there really is nothing quite as good as homemade yoghurt! Here, I’ve made it easy and simple, but you can always add more nuts or change the toppings.

for 6 Servings

500g Greek or soya yoghurt
4 tablespoons honey
¼ teaspoon cardamom
Pinch saffron

Toppings to sprinkle on each bowl
½ pomegranate * 
2-3 tablespoons pistachios


  1. Place the yoghurt into a mixing bowl and begin to add the honey, cardamom and saffron. Stir in thoroughly and taste for sweetness. Add a little more honey if needed.
  2. Place the mixture into serving glasses and garnish with your choice of toppings.

Additional options: I have also made this dessert with pecans and loved it! If you have pecans, toast a good handful of them on low heat in a pan with a quarter teaspoon coconut oil, some cinnamon and a dash of maple syrup. Once cool, break into small pieces and place at the bottom of the serving bowl, then top with the yoghurt and toppings.


The original article was published by Chere Di Boscio on ELUXE Magazine.

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