Top 8 Places to Find Street Art in Marrakech

Street art in Marrakech has been hard to find in the past and only became more popular in recent years. Today, street art lovers will recognise some of the murals and walls, which have been beautified by some of the well-known names in the street art scene. During the MB6 Street Art Project, the first street art festival of Marrakech during the Marrakech Biennale in 2016, various artists added their pieces and colours to the walls of the city. Here are my favourite eight spots you should not miss when looking for street art in Marrakech:


1. David Bloch – Gueliz

Street Art in Marrakech: David Bloch

The David Bloch Gallery has been inviting international artists who have their roots in street art. They are blending the art pieces into the gallery with great care and adapt the environment to the works. Sometimes they will go so far as to change the complete gallery-front. Chapeau!

Check out the location on the map.


2. Around El Koutoubia – Gueliz

Street Art in Marrakech: Koutoubia

On the walls of El Koutoubia you can find the amazing “Liberty Wall”, a nice collaboration made by artists exhibiting at David Bloch. Take a little walk around this area for more stunning artworks. It’s one of the nicest street art places. 

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3. Rue Oum Errabia – Gueliz

Marrakech Street Art - Rue Oum Errabia Nasca1

Street Art in Marrakech: Rue Oum Errabia Morran Ben Lahcen

Graffiti lovers will find a kind of “legal” wall in Rue Oum Errabia. Local and international painters alike have created masterpieces here. Nasca1, a Berlin based artist, painted a nice camel with a cityscape in it which has clear oriental influences. Enjoy furthermore the astonishing work from local hero Morran Ben Lahcen.

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4. Café Clock

Marrakech Street Art: Café Clock

If you want to get in touch with the local street art scene, you will have to go to Café Clock. Located in the heart of the Kasbah, its interior walls are painted by local artists and works for sale are hanging all over the place. And don’t forget to check the terrace out for more nice art work. In a chill atmosphere, Café Clock serves good drinks and food. They also offer all kind of workshops from calligraphy to storytelling.

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5. Rue Kbour Chou

Street Art in Marrakech: Rue Kbour Chou

When I found this street on the border of the Medina, its width and calmness amazed me at first. Only later on did I discover tribal decorations with perfectly fitting colours on the school wall and little houses, creating a unique atmosphere. Every time I visit Marrakech, I feel compelled to visit this place again to sense its magic.

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6. Medina

Street Art in Marrakech: Doorway in the Medina

The medina is always a good place to stroll and discover. When you are there, you will certainly stumble upon some big murals from Crazy Boys, which are the local soccer-supporters. Over the last years, some international artists have left their marks here, but they are kind of hidden and not so easy to put on a map.


7. Street Art in Marrakech High up: Places des Épices

Street Art in Marrakech: House Wall in Places des Épices

Visit this vivid spice market and look for all the four murals above the heads of the vendors. These walls were created in 2016 for the MB6 Street Art Festival.

Check out the location on the map.


8. Jardin Rouge

Street Art in Marrakech: Jardin Rouge

Jardin Rouge is a private artists’ residence located 20 km away of Marrakech. They have a big number of international artists who stay there regularly. Next to being creative in the ateliers, they also get the chance to paint outside: As you can see, all buildings and walls are available as a canvas.

This is a must see for people who love street art but please bear in mind that visits are by appointment only:


Most of these locations are featured in the video “Discover Street Art in Marrakech”. Enjoy!

© All photos via Bart van Kersavond


Bart van Kersavond

Bart van Kersavond

Bart van Kersavond has been searching for art in the public space for more than ten years. What started as a hobby has turned into a way of life over the years, which he portrays in his blog Wherever he goes, his journey brings him to creative spots in which he feels especially at home.


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