Ecuador’s City Hotspots: 5 Places to Experience the Local Culture

Ecuador is a resourceful and diverse country. It is divided in four regions, each one being extremely rich in its flora, human kindness, and unique spaces. The following list highlights our recommendation of some of the distinctive places you should visit when traveling around the country. Here is our top five of Ecuador’s city hotspots:


1) Ecuador’s City Hotspots: Café Roscón, Quito

This is one of the hidden treasures of the capital. A place that opened three years ago and has grown because it provides a unique experience for each of its customers. The owners are in charge of the kitchen and customer attention since they opened. Within the clients of this beautiful coffee shop, we can encounter people, who are passionate about the city’s culture, enjoying the famous “empanadas” or sandwiches. The important thing is to create memories with your friends.

Café Roscón sign in quito Ecuador

interior of Café Roscón in quito


2) Ecuador’s City Hotspots: Estudio Aura, Quito

One of the newest studios in the city. The runners of the place are a kind couple, he’s Mexican and she’s Ecuadorian, who brought life to the place by combining interior designs with art object decorations. You can find works of many local contemporary artists like Que Zhinin, La Suerte, or Apitatán.

Inside Estudio Aura, one of ecuador's city hotspots in quito
Estudio Aura sign "Design, Furniture, Art" - one of ecuador's city hotspots in quito


3) Ecuador’s City Hotspots: Ánima Invita, Quito

A space focused on body equilibrium. Located 25 minutes away from the city chaos, we can find an island of peace. Some of the activities include yoga classes or meditation under a full moon. It is a space dedicated to inner peace while looking at the beautiful cityscape. Moreover, it offers vegetarian meals.

Ánima Invita front, one of ecuador's city hotspots in quito

Ánima Invita entrance, one of ecuador's city hotspots in quito

Ánima Invita meal, one of ecuador's city hotspots in quito


4) Ecuador’s City Hotspots: Sailors Coffee, Guayaquil

The ideal spot for coffee in the city of Guayaquil. Not only do they serve Ecuadorian coffee but they offer different food choices to complement it. From sandwiches, to “plátano verde” (a unique type of Ecuadorian plantain) dishes to cookies and muffins. This is the perfect place for a meeting or for relaxing while looking at the art from local artists.

Inside Sailor Coffee shelf, one of Ecuador's city hotspots in Guayaquil
Sailor Coffee ecuadorian sweets cake, one of Ecuador's city hotspots in Guayaquil


5) Ecuador’s City Hotspots: El Mercado, Cuenca

An experience to remember when in Ecuador. It is almost impossible to believe all the things you can find behind a hidden wood door. Most people are surprised of the big space and decoration which is inspired in local markets. The space as well as the food is a mix of tradition with contemporary elements. If you are looking for a gastronomic experience, this is the place to go to.

El Mercado Café menu on blackboard, one of Ecuador's city hotspots in Cuenca

Inside El Mercado, one of Ecuador's city hotspots in Cuenca

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Estefanía Cardona

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