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Sidai Designs’ Extra Small Warrior Bracelet brings you closer to the heritage of the Maasai women of Tanzania. It preserves traditional methods using thread salvaged from old grain sacks and boning from plastic canisters. Adorn yourself with this beaded armour as warriors of Tanzania once were!

Name of Product: Extra Small Warrior Bracelet
Product category: Bracelet 
Colours: gold, black 
Size: One size fits all

extra small warrior bracelet in gold and black


First Material of Bracelet: Plastic pieces (from recycled plastic bottles) 
Origin of Material: Tanzania 

Second Material of Bracelet: Glass beads
Origin of Material: Czech Republic
It is known that traditionally the traders from Zanzibar took goods to Europe and brought beads back in exchange. Sidai Designs is specific about not using Chinese beads but beads from Czech Republic to stick to the hand-dyed beads that were traditionally used.

Third Material of Bracelet: Plastic thread (from recycled grain bags) 
Origin of Material: Tanzania 

Fourth Material of Bracelet: Faux leather thread

Fifth Material of Bracelet: Aluminium bead (recycled)
Origin of Material: Ethiopia

Materials used in the production of the Sidai Designs Warrior Bracelets


Place of Design: Tanzania 
Year of Design: 2015 
Duration of Design: 3 months
Name of Designer: Eszter Rabin and Rebecca Olivia

Place of Production: Tanzania 
Duration of Production: 3 hours 
Number of Artisans involved in Production: 2
Artisans involved in Production: Obedi Languye, Neema Lepari 
Tools used in Production: needle, pliers, Awl needle 

Production Company/NGO: Sidai Maasai Women Organisation (Sidai Designs) 
Number of Employees: 16 full time, 104 producers

We have spoken to Eszter Rabin, the designer and founder of Sidai Designs, in an interview. Read it here.

Lara Petersen

Lara Petersen

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