My ABURY Look: Friederike and Anni from Freiseindesign

Who does not love summer in the city? Buzzing streets with crowds of happy humans soaking in life’s sun rays, dinners in light clothes on rooftop terraces and bicycle trips along city rivers. Summer in Europe has been incredible this year so far (for those who enjoy the heat and the light that is) – yet every now and then I feel like everybody needs a little time away from the buzz. Summer in the city is hot, it is loud, it is packed. I for one need to get out of it sometimes to take a moment or two to breathe, to relax, to digest all the stress city life is stuffing you with. So a few weeks ago we took a little trip into the beautiful nature of Brandenburg, just outside of Berlin, to recharge. And who better to do that with than two real outdoor adventurers and lovers of nature: Anni and Friederike from the blog Freiseindesign.

We took a trip from the backyards of Brandenburg’s countryside, cutting across the fields, to the picturesque Liepnitzsee. Anni and Friederike combined various outfits with their favourite fashion accessories of ABURY in the surroundings of gardens, fields, lakes and forests. Enjoy the selection while we take you on our little city getaway:

First Location: The Backyard

Our little summer outing first lead us into the backyards of the Berlin outskirts. Friederike, who is the founder and creative brain behind her blog Freiseindesign, combined one of her favourite outdoor outfits with our saffron ABURY backpack from the Free People Collection.

Friederike from Freiseindesign wearing ABURY saffron leather backpack

Friederike from Freiseindesign sitting in garden with ABURY backpack

The girls from Freiseindesign do not only love the outdoors but also a particular lifestyle around it: Slow living, mindfulness, and sustainability. That’s why the selection of outfits for this shooting was all slow fashion – hurray!

Anni, who is the sustainability expert at Freiseindesign, spiced up her black Armedangels dress for the summer with yellow colour splashes: Our yellow Berber Bag with rosé embroidery and our handmade raffia slippers.

Anni from Freiseindesign with fair trade ABURY accessories

Second Location: The Fields

Gazing dreamily out of the car windows on our way to the Liepnitzsee, we spotted the second location and decided to call to a spontaneous halt in between. On a field in the middle of nowhere Anni and Freedi took out their second outfits: Casual wool jumpers for a breezy summer picknick in the open:

Girls from Freiseindesign in the field with Berber Bags from ABURY

Freedi went for one of our Vintage Bags, Anni for one of the new ones. The two bags are slightly different in style, with different stories to tell, but in the end they are strongly related and one is inspiring the other. It is just the same with the two girls from Freiseindesign. Both very different personalities and presence, yet each one truly lovable and together a dream team.

Freiseindesign Photo Shooting with ABURY and Suzana Holtgrave

Next to the Sahar Vintage Bag and the beige patterned Berber Bag, Anni and Freedi brought a grey and black wool throw to their picknick in the field. Freedi is wearing our dark green raffia slippers handmade in Morocco and she is reading our Delhi Guide Book.

Friederike Freiseindesign with ABURY Delhi Guide Book

ABURY Dark Green Raffia Slippers

Anni from Freiseindesign with Leather Handbag from ABURY


Third Location: At the Shore

The Liepnitzsee is beautiful especially if you make it there during the week on a day with overcast (when not everybody else has the same idea). A place of inspiration and calm, dunked in all shades of green.

Anni grew up in the North of Germany close to the Baltic Sea – it is not a surprise that water seems to be one of her favourite elements and one of her favourite footwear is barefoot. Her first Liepnitzsee “outfit” was a yellow striped cotton beach towel.

Anni Freiseindesign at Liepnitzsee - Photoshooting with ABURY

Anni Freiseindesign by Suzana Holtgrave for ABURY

Anni Freiseindesign wearing yellow beach towel by ABURY

Friederike on the other hand chose a more casual style with chic accessories, combining the Rehana Clutch Bag with a hand-beaded black and white choker and a matching bracelet in black and gold.

Friederike from Freiseindesign laughing at Liepnitzsee

Friederike Freiseindesign wearing ABURY black and white choker

ABURY leather clutch bag and bracelet

Fourth Location: In the Water

Did I mention Anni is loving the water? No surprise therefore that she went straight in, taking our turquoise/orange Mini Berber Bag with her.

Anni Freiseindesign in the water with ABURY Mini Berber Bag

Anni Freiseindesign wearing ABURY Mini Berber Bag

Freedi combined the same bag with a white tunica and the black and white Fiona Paxton choker. Below is one of my favourite photos of the shooting. For me this expresses sheer joy and lust for life. And let me tell you – that laugh is contagious!

Friederike Freiseindesign laughing shot by Suzana Holtgrave for ABURY

Friederike Freiseindesign at Liepnitzsee Shooting with ABURY

Fifth Location: In the Woods

The Liepnitzsee is surrounded by beautiful lush trees, the perfect location to shoot sustainable fashion, which is not just fair-trade but also focused on production and care that is environmentally friendly. Friederike chose to combine another Vintage Berber Bag with a leather necklace handmade in India, and Anni is wearing our black and white choker.

Friederike Freiseindesign wearing ABURY Vintage Bag

Portrait of Anni from Freiseindesign - Photo shooting by Suzana Holtgrave for ABURY

Being two real power women, Freedi and Anni are determined and seem to rarely stand still: Strict schedules, deadlines, always on the move, always up for a new adventure. But what I absolutely loved during our photo shooting: As much as these two can be serious and focused – they cannot keep their countenance for too long before they crack and roar with laughter:

Friederike und Anni from Freiseindesign in ABURY Wool Throw

Sixth Location: The Clearing

Last but not least, Friederike combined the ABURY Ivan Bag with her nude handmade two-piece outfit that she brought from Hong Kong after one of her many adventures. She put it together with our blue raffia summer slippers and the black and gold beaded bracelet by Sidai Designs.

Friederike Freiseindesign wearing ABURY round bag Ivan

Friederike Freiseindesign photo shooting for ABURY

Handmade ABURY blue raffia summer slippers

Friederike Freiseindesign wearing round bast bag by ABURY

Handmade fair trade round bag by ABURY


© All photos by Suzana Holtgrave for ABURY

Lara Petersen

Lara Petersen

After her studies abroad and exploring the world for many years, Lara returned to Berlin in 2015 and ever since combines her passions cultures, communication and writing by working as part of the ABURY family. Lara is the editor-in-chief and admin of the One of a Mind blogzine by ABURY.

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