My ABURY Look: Leonie from FOURhang auf

Leonie has truly gone in for a career working many years at eBay, where she launched three designer collections with personalities such as Guido Maria Kretschmer, Til Schweiger and Eva Padberg. Now she’s one of the four ladies behind FOURhang auf, a blog about lifestyle, family, food and of course fashion! So, without any doubt, with her fashion expertise and striking outfits Leonie was the ideal candidate to shoot our first “My ABURY Look” series, turning various individual accessories from different cultures into coherent intercultural ABURY looks.

Out of all ABURY products Leonie chose her personal favourites and created three amazing looks that couldn’t be more different yet at the same time all expressing her love for colours and playfulness. Together with our photographer Suzana Holtgrave we visited Leonie in her beautiful apartment in Berlin. After getting slightly carried away in her wardrobe (a heaven for any fashionista!) Leonie glammed up!

Blogger Leonie Bechtoldt from FOURhang auf sitting on sofa with in her ABURY look

Leonie’s first ABURY Look 1

The first look I call “ABURY in Red Hongkong”, as Leonie combined her long red satin kimono dress from Hongkong with some of our Selected by ABURY products. The Birdy Clutch, which was handmade in India, adds some carefully hand-beaded summer flair to the outfit. At the same time, the red bracelet made from organic tagua nuts gives it the finishing touch with shapes from the Ecuadorian rainforest. This look definitely allows Leonie to generate buzz at the next dinner party!

Blogger Leonie FOURhang in red dress with ABURY clutch bagBlogger Leonie FOURhang in red dress and ABURY clutch bag

Leonie’s second ABURY Look

For the second session we captured “Leonie’s Golden Leo Look”. Fringes, feathers, patterns, sparkles and glow – this look combines it all. Who said silver and gold do not go together? I love the combination of Leonie’s silver shimmering hair and the golden accessories!

Leonie FOURhang auf in gold leopard ABURY look

Leonie tops the leopard print dress with various accessories from our collections: The Iona Feather Earrings and the Hanae Necklace from India, the Petite Berber Bag from our Moroccan collection, a Woven Ring from Tanzania and a Tagua Bracelet from Ecuador, bringing a representative of a third continent into the game. Four cultures in one outfit!

ABURY accessories, gold petite Berber bag

Leonie FOURhang auf in apartment in gold ABURY look

Leonie’s third ABURY Look

At last, there was the third ABURY look. Leonie knows how to turn a casual everyday outfit into a statement appearance. After all, there is no such thing as boring or quiet in her style! My personal favourite is her “Casual Ribbon” look:

Leonie FOURhang auf sitting in ABURY look with ABURY accessories

We all know there are dozens of ways to wear a scarf but this one must be one of the best! The big ribbon adds playfulness to the jeans and blazer combination. At the same time, the handbag and jewellery add colour and surround Leonie in a turquoise summer breeze.

ABURY clutch and turquoise tagua bracelet

For this look Leonie decided to wear our Peace Silk Handloom Scarf from India. The flowery pattern and the colours are reflected in the Mykonos Clutch, which is handmade in India, too. Leonie’s hand is once again decorated with our Tagua Bracelet from Ecuador and a Woven Ring from Tanzania.

Leonie FOURhang auf standing at window with turquoise ABURY accessories

If Leonie’s outfit ideas have inspired you to spice up your look with some ABURY treasures from Morocco, India, Tanzania or Ecuador – follow the links in the text!

© All photos by Suzana Holtgrave for ABURY

Lara Petersen

Lara Petersen

After her studies abroad and exploring the world for many years, Lara returned to Berlin in 2015 and ever since combines her passions cultures, communication and writing by working as part of the ABURY family. Lara is the editor-in-chief and admin of the One of a Mind blogzine by ABURY.

  1. I am honestly flattered by the kind words!!! It was an awesome experience! I had a blast and the pics are wonderful. As wonderful, as all your accessories, the work you do, the spirit you guys have to do better. Love Leonie <3<3<3

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