Our latest ABURY Look Series led photographer Suzy and me to Hamburg, where we met the lovely girls from PEPPERMYNTA. After a week of darkness and rain we were thrilled to be welcomed with some of the first sun rays of the year in the harbour city. A bunch of motivated girls, possibly the cutest café in town, a stunning model without sensitivity to cold wind, sunny spring vibes, and not to forget the excited and very photogenic dog Pelle – this combination was the perfect basis for an excellent second round of the ABURY Look Series!

PEPPERMYNTA, that’s Fenja and Lesley, two inspiring women who are overflowing with positive energy. This energy has encouraged them to start their own fair fashion and lifestyle blog, which they manage next to their other jobs. Prior to the photo shooting the girls selected their favourite ABURY pieces and combined them with their favourite sustainable fashion outfits. Model Tine had great support when posing by Lesley’s dog Pelle, who cut quite a good figure, too. The result truly tells its own tale:

Bring it on, Summer

The series started at Fritzis, a beautiful little café dear to the girls and also in St. Pauli, the neighbourhood where Fenja and Lesley live. The sun was asking for colours, so the first look brought together a variety of them. Tine combined a yellow Petite Berber Bag and a pink Petite Berber Bag to reflect the colours of the cocccon Bengaluru Scarf she was wearing around her neck. The look was topped with a blue Organic Tagua Jewellery Bracelet that would match the bright blue of the jeans.

ABURY Look by Peppermynta: Petite Berber Bags and cocccon Scarf

Lady in Blue

Still at Fritzis, Tine was dipped in different shades of blue. The blue embroidery of the ABURY Berber Clutch could be found again in the Organic Tagua Jewellery Bracelet. Despite the same family of colour the two accessories are clearly in contrast to the rest, which turns them into real statement pieces.

ABURY Look by Peppermynta: Blue Berber Clutch and Organic Tagua Bracelet

Denim, Leather, Steel

The third ABURY look combines two outstanding crafts with a variety of materials: Firstly, there is the Berber embroidery of the Moroccans stitched as cactus silk on goat leather making the ABURY Berber Clutch. Secondly, the diligent process of winding thread into jewellery by Indian designers is visible in the material composition of stainless steel and jute of the En Inde necklace.

ABURY Look by Peppermynta: Blue Berber Clutch and En Inde Necklace

Boho Jump

As you might have noticed, the PEPPERMYNTA girls fell for our bags: Clutches and shoulder bags, our Angelina Bucket Bag and not to forget one of our oldies – our Vintage Bag Malika. The combination of Tine’s wide denim skirt and her loose hippie blouse, a touch of Moroccan vintage flair and cultural fusion from Ecuador results in a stunning boho-chic outfit! One of my favourites!

ABURY Look by Peppermynta: Angelina Bucket Bag and ABURY Vintage Bag

Geek in a Skirt

Time to explore the neighbourhood a bit. That denim skirt idea seemed pretty good previously, so why not give it a bit of a different angle? For Tine’s fifth look the girls combined a variety of styles: A cute denim skirt with a colourful blouse, a sporty college jacket and geeky glasses (don’t get me wrong – I love these!), topping the outfit with a statement accessory: the ABURY Red Berber Bag.

ABURY Look by Peppermynta: Red Berber Bag

ABURY Look by Peppermynta: Red Berber Bag

Boyish Charm

Lesley and Fenja decided to really show Tine’s variable beauty and put her into the boyfriend look. The playful details of the ABURY Petite Berber Bag add some dynamic to the simplicity of the rest of the outfit. Surely an appearance Pelle was confident having as his companion when exploring the streets of Hamburg.

ABURY Look by Peppermynta: Orange Petite Bag

Denim, I just can’t get enough

Last but not least, because they just could not get enough of those denim looks… The Petite Berber Bag in pink adding the right amount of colour to this outfit.

ABURY Look by Peppermynta: Pink Petite Berber Bag

What a day! After an amazing shooting the PEPPERMYNTA crew got treated with some of our natural cosmetics favourites from our beauty partner Dr. Hauschka.

Peppermynta Team with Dr. Hauschka Products

© All photos by Suzana Holtgrave for ABURY

Lara Petersen

Lara Petersen

After her studies abroad and exploring the world for many years, Lara returned to Berlin in 2015 and ever since combines her passions cultures, communication and writing by working as part of the ABURY family. Lara is the editor-in-chief and admin of the One of a Mind blogzine by ABURY.

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