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As opposed to most people, I love the time of the year when it starts getting colder. At least from a fashion perspective, winter screams for creativity! Combining different materials that you better avoid in summer unless you really want to waste energy for air conditioning, taking your stylish hats and beanies out again, the good old onion look… Yes, the time of freeing that part of your wardrobe from its summer shackles has come! November surely has a lot more to offer than sloppy sweaters and covering-half-the-face-turtlenecks… and Vreni Frost from Neverever will show you what!

A bundle of joy brimming over with life, and the mother of the one and only Vrenistyle – that’s Vreni Frost! While photographer Suzy and I nostalgically stared out of the window into a grey in grey area that was meant to show the Berlin TV tower, now simply swallowed up by a dirty layer of bitter cold, Vreni spread her Vreni energy in the room and soon got us infected! She combined three outfits with her favourite ABURY products to get you inspired for your cold weather look, so let’s see the results:

Vreni’s First ABURY Look: Pattern Party

Who said stripes, rectangles, chequers and braids do not go together? For her first ABURY look, Vreni combined a variety of patterns and blue shades, combined with a grey cardigan and one or the other eye-catching detail. Did I already mention I love the onion look?

Blogger Vreni Frost with ABURY accessories

In this first outfit, Vreni selected our blue patterned Berber Bag for a good portion of triangles, the navy blue alpaca headband for the braids, and the turquoise woven ring to add some stripes to the mix.

Laughing Blogger Vreni Frost with ABURY alpaca headband

Blogger Vreni Frost with ABURY accessories

Vreni’s Second ABURY Look: Three-Headed Vreni Frost

Oh you gotta love the props that are hiding in a wild photographer’s Berlin apartment! “Three-Headed Vreni” is the result of the second ABURY Vrenistyle: a colourful winter look to dare the gloomy grey outside. My personal highlight, as the beautiful wool sweater is also hand-knitted, fair trade and made under ethical working conditions <3

Blogger Vreni Frost photo shooting with ABURY

For this second cold weather outfit, blogger Vreni combined our classy metallic silver Berber Bag with the pink raindrop bracelet, handmade from the local tagua nut in Ecuador, and the turquoise woven ring, handmade by Masaai women in Tansania.

Blogger Vreni Frost photo shooting with ABURY tagua bracelet

Metallic Silver ABURY Berber Bag

Vreni’s Third ABURY Look: Cat Lover in Gold

Here comes look number three! Those who know Vreni Frost, know that she’s a cat lover and cat mom of Willi and Flip. Therefore it does not come as a surprise she made friends with this one, too! For this last look, Vreni presented the previous ABURY pieces in a new setting, combined with a golden skirt and golden jewellery.

Vreni Frost ABURY Photo shooting with tiger

Thank you for a beautiful shooting and some colour splashes onto the grey November days.

© All photos by Suzana Holtgrave for ABURY

Lara Petersen

Lara Petersen

After her studies abroad and exploring the world for many years, Lara returned to Berlin in 2015 and ever since combines her passions cultures, communication and writing by working as part of the ABURY family. Lara is the editor-in-chief and admin of the One of a Mind blogzine by ABURY.

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